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NSG Dept at NCS Rota, Spain (circa 1966-1967)
Images and Narrative from Joe Messersmith

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Don Chappelle and William Phillips

Pat Riley & Don Chappelle

bunks in Rota

Robert Isaacson my room mate

Robert Isaacson & "friend" on our street

Our favorite Hotel in Gibraltar

View from our house of kids on the beach

Milton Joe Messersmith on the day I was separated at Rota

William Phillips

My neighbor girl on the beach at Rota looking South toward our house

Teressa Flores our gitana guide

Teressa Flores wife of Cpl. Duncan in Jerez

Don Chappelle

The beach at Rota looking north from our house

Teressa Flores at Alhambra in Granada

William Phillips, Chandler, Drake and Pat Riley in Cadiz

Chappelle, Messersmith & Phillips celebration leaving Sidi Yahia & 1-D. We moved from Karamursel to Sidi Yahia then to Rota together; we were like brothers

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