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Tengan, Okinawa
Images and narrative from Roland C. Delmotte

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Okinawa - March 1953 Naha, Okinawa - March 1953

Hi Joe,

Sorry, I don't know the beginning and terminal dates for Tengan, but it was moved to Futenma
if you know when that occurred. The station, Communit 37, was only tasked with D/F.

The following is extracted from an informational brochure made up by station personnel:

This activity is presently located in the northern portion of the occupied section of the island,
in the Army Quartermaster depot area (8103rd) Army unit in Tengan. Naha is approximately
25 miles south of Tengan. White Beach is approximately 8 miles eastward of Tengan.

Personnel that I knew or knew of at this station:

Lt Frank Estes - relieved by Lt W. Wesper
CTC Harry Priest and family relieved by CTC Knigge
CTC John Butler
CTC Willie Williams
CTC Jack "Pappy" King
Dale Fuller
"Red" Fraser
William Clark
? Rothschild
Donald "Spider" Webb
Billy Joe Stacy
Robert Field
Jim Burks
? Friend (engineman - kept our diesels working)
Paul Ferris
Keith Taylor
Dennis Kesterson
Several others that I can visualize but can't put a name on.

One quonset hut served as mess hall (1/2) with the reporting desk and admin area sharing
the other half. Remote D/F site was connected w/ the reporting desk by landline (voice).

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