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Torii Station/Hanza, Okinawa .. 1965-1968
Images and Narratives from    Mark Soldate

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Unusual view of the Navy/Marine barracks on Torii Station.

CDAA - Hanza, Okinawa 1968

Third floor rooms at the end nearest the Chapel;
probably taken in mid 1966.

Inside of squad bay. This was probably taken in early '66.
All of us E-3's and below lived on the first floor nearest
the main gate. It was almost like living in the barracks
at ETA school on Treasure Island. As soon as you made
E-4 you got a room upstairs.

Locker in barracks. This is what I lived out of for about
10 months while I was in the squad bay. This was probably
taken in late 1965.

Lyn & I on boat to Ie Shima. My friend Jim Fitzharris took
this photo my wife, Lyn and I when a bunch of us went to see
where Ernie Pyle died during WWII.

My bunk barracks Okinawa. These were the rooms you
got after you made E-4. Real luxury, huh? Taken mid 1966.

Okinawa - Manzamo. On the way to Nago.
We used to do a lot of SCUBA diving here.
Taken summer 1968.

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