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Okinawa Team Wins Softball Title - 1963
Article from Tim and Bev Corbin

The Okinawa Security Group team captured the 1963 Commander Naval Forces
Softball Tournament title at Atsugi NAS, Japan. Winning team members are:
(Back row, from left) Paul Poole, Richard Sorenson, David Clark, Robert Eskins,
Mickey McDaniel and Michael Hurd; (Middle row) Rosie Clear, Ken Morgan,
Willie Weekley, Edwin Marciniak, Gerald Smith and Tim Corbin; (Front row)
Ray Moulder, John Gillis, Ronald Pierce George Varney and Donald Bowman.

David Clark pitched a three-hitter here in the championship game of the 1963
Commander Naval Forces Japan Softball Tournament as the Naval Security Group
of Okinawa crushed the Yokosuka Seahawks 7-1 for the title.
The victory gave the Okinawa team a 4-0 record in the double elimination tournament.
Okinawa put the game on ice in the first inning by scoring two runs on a single,
double and an error. They added one run in the second inning, one in the third, two
in the fourth and a final tally in the sixth.

The Seahawks scored their lone run in the top of the first inning on a single and two errors.
Clark hurled a 4-hit 2-0 shutout against the Atsugi Flyers on the second day of tourney play.
In their first game, Okinawa defeated the aircraft carrier Constellation, winner
of the Commander Fleet Air Japan Tournament, 3-1 in 11 innings, and downed the
Support Activity Sasebo team the following day.

Sasebo finished third, followed by the Atsugi Flyers, Fleet Air Wing Six, Iwakuni; the
repair ship Ajax, the Constellation, and the aviation supply ship Jupiter.

(This article appeared in the Far East addition of the Stars & Stripes - 1963).

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