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NSGA Hanza, Okinawa Softball Team photos - 1964
Photos/Narrative from John Gillis

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Ken "The Beaver" Morgan (pitcher), finally getting a hit. - '64 Harley Giel (catcher) trying to hold up. - '64

Someone attempting to get back to first base? - '64 Someone attempting a slide (half gainer or fell over there feet)
at second base in - '64

Victory celebration at the Annex. - Sharp, Gillis, L.J. Matticks,
Pappy Poole (with beer), the Beaver (Morgan).
Lower row (those who couldn't stand up) Mickey, unknown,
Ed Marciniak, Lt. Downes and Newton (Big Red). - '64
Gillis (Shortstop) hoping the ball isn't hit to him. - '64

Someone (I think it's the Beaver - Morgan) trying to throw a
cross body block into the second baseman. - '64
Ed Marciniak protecting his hat and being mauled by Nick Pope.
Someone in the white hat is trying to rip the number off of Ed's jersey
while Harley Giel laughs and Gillis goes to the plate to strike out,
again. Actually, Ed just scored the winning run in the ComFltActs
Championship at Naha, providing NSGA Hanza with back-to-back
championships ('63 - '64).

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