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" The early "   Hanza, Okinawa 1962
Images from   Charles Griffin

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This class photo was at the ITT factory in Nutley NJ

Charles Griffin is in the Middle row, second from left.
The sailor - front row, second from right - also came to okinawa and was on the installation crew.
The man in the back row, right end - was an RCA tech rep and he was there also.
Some of these were civilians, but most were CTM's.

Right after the equipment came in the crates, we had a typhoon; and, the Kid in the front row and myself stood
watch till it was over - everyone else went home. All we lost in the typhoon was one wooden beam between towers.

The first thing we installed was a coffee mess in the gonio room.

The other pictures (below) are my graduation certificate and plank owner certificate.

R/ Charles Griffin

Charles Griffin's    Graduation Certificate from AN/FRD-10 school.

The Mat Men

Charles Griffin's    Plank Owners Certificate

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