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1965 NavSecGru Softball Team (Okinawa)
Photo from Nick Pope / ID's from Mickey McDaniel

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Back Row (L-R):   Mickey McDaniel (P), Anderson (P), Barnes (Asst. Mgr), Thomas LaRonde, Bill Pfieffer (C)

Middle Row (L-R):   Dave Papour (SS), Tom Olinger (2B), Unknown, Unknown, Dietchle (Mgr)

Front Row (L-R):   Shapiro (1B), Unknown, Nick Pope (3B), Unknown, George Janitas USMC

This team also won the ComFltActs Ryukyus Championship, making it back-to-back-to-back championships for Hanza in their 1st 3 years of fielding a team.     R/ Ed Marciniak

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