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NSG Detachment Pyong Taek, Korea 1972-73
Images from Duane Leifur

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The Detachments first Inspection, sometime in March 1972, only weeks after my arrival in PT.
Detachment C.O. Capt. March, O.I.C. Lt. Raymond Biziorek, and CTRC Duane Leifur are clearly presented.

In the group picture, I am almost positive that in the front row, second from Left is Joe Bettencourt and to
his immediate right in the picture is me, as a CTRSN. As stated in the narrative history, we are formed on
the outdoor basketball court, immediately adjacent to an Army Barracks, across from the Navy Barracks.

Patio - Capt March checking it out.
L-R: Dutcher, Capt. March, Biziorek, Leifur,
Chief Martin (from Misawa with Capt.), Foster, Sitter

The " Jeep "

On the road by the van - (L-R): Eaton, Sanderson, Hickey, Guernsey

CTA3 Dan Eaton holding a cigarette for Rick Sanderon,
with I think CTR3 Gary Hickey in the background.

The football game September 1972

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