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NSGDept Northwest, VA (circa 1981)
Images from   Skip Morris (former CTM2)

Please scrolldown. Click-on the photos to enlarge.

Below are a several photos to add to your site. These are all of
NSGA Northwest, taken in late summer 1981.

I took them from a navy helicopter that made a brief stop at the
base. It was the CO's birthday and he was conned into thinking
some VIP's were going to visit. Instead when the helicopter landed
a birthday cake popped out instead.

I was along for the ride as I delivered the cake to the chopper; plus
as Station Photographer I snapped a few B&W photos for the base
newspaper. I had color film in my own camera and snapped these
as well. Didn't have much time as the chopper circled the base
very quickly.

I've added labels to some of the shots as to which building is

The color isn't that great. These are scans from snapshots. If
I find the negatives I can do better quality scans.

Thanks for maintaining a great web site. It brings back lots of

Regards, Skip Morris former CTM2 (1975-1981)

Barracks, Special Services, Galley

CDAA Ops Bldg

EM Club, Base Housing Trailer Park

Fields, Gym, BOQ, Fire Station, Exchange


Supply NATO

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