NSGA Bremerhaven, Germany
Naval Security Group Activity
Bremerhaven Alumni E-mail List


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John Adams CTT2 A (64-65) Email
James Adkins CTRSN B (71-72) Email
Ralph J. Adolph ENC Motor Pool (58-62) R.I.P.
David Ahlgren EO3 SeaBee (69-73) Email
Ted Albasini TE2 NAB P.O. (56-57) Email
Louis Albrecht CTIC DayWkr (60-62) Email
Clyde Aldridge CTTC P&R Supvsr (65-68) Email
H.B. "Ben" Allen CTT1 D (57-59) Email
Remo Allison CTM2 MatShop (71-72) Email
Eugene R. Amiss CTA3 Admin/DayWkr (57-58) R.I.P.
Dave "Andy" Anderson CTT1 C/D (70-72) Email
Ron Anderson CTT3 C/D/B (69-71) Email
Stephen K. Andros CTR2 C (71-72) Email
Jerry "Giles" Argo CTR2 C (56-57) Email
Carroll Astbury CTR2 D (71-72) R.I.P.
Bill Ayars CTR3 A (70-72) Email
Alton Audie "Augie" Ayer CTM2 TAD (72-72) Email
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Ernie Babin CTT2 C (68-71) Email
Ernie Bach CT3 * (56-57) Email
Jerry Bach CTA3 DayWkr (68-69) Email
Bob Bacharach CTR3 C (66-68) R.I.P.
Andrew Baggs RM2 NAB/ComUnit8 (52-54) Email
Jim Bailey CTO2 B (70-72) Email
Fred Baille AG1 TA Supvsr (57-58) Email
Billy-Ace Baker CTO2 D (56-59) Email
R.M."Mike" Baker USMC Co.B (59-61) Email
Stan Baker CTR3 C (66-69) Email
George Banks CTR3 * (63-63) Email
Frank Barbieri CTT3 C (70-71) R.I.P.
Lowell V. (Barney) Barnard CTO2 B/C (70-72) Email
Paul R. Barrere L/CPL SubUnit2 (59-61) Email
Jack Barrett CTT2 B (60-61) Email
Ben Basham 1stLt MM DivOff (65-68) Email
Marvin Beach CTT3 C (67-69) Email
Richard "Dick" Beach CTT2 A (65-67) Email
James M.Beauchesne CTT2 * (70-72) Email
Albert Bedard CTR1 * (54-56) R.I.P.
(2nd Tour) LTjg LDO (64-67) R.I.P.
Harold Beilstein CTRSN A (59-59) Email
Alan John (AJ) Bel CTR3 C (65-68) R.I.P.
Charles "Benny" Benjamin LT ElecOff/PubWksOff (60-63) R.I.P.
Jeff Benner CTR2 C (70-72) Email
Gary Bennett CTO2 A (63-66) Email
Robert Bennett CTR3 A (70-72) Email
William Bennett CTSN * (60-60) R.I.P.
Jay Benson CTRSN * (64-65) R.I.P.
David Berdan CTR3 C (56-57) R.I.P.
John M. Berdeaux SSGT Co.F (67-70) Email
Karl R. Bernet LCDR NM Officer (65-68) Email
David Berry CTR3 P&R (70-71) Email
Richard O. "Dickie" Best CTR3 B (66-67) Email
Larry Betz CTRSN * (56-57) Email
Jerry Betzer CTR3 * (68-69) Email
Max Biederman CT2 * (54-56) R.I.P.
John S."Stan" Biggs CTT2 SpOps (69-72) Email
Ronald J. Birch CTR3 A (56-58) R.I.P.
Clint Bixby CTM3 TTY Shop (59-61) Email
Bob Black CTI3 C (67-69) Email
Ken Bland CTRSN A (67-68) Email
Tom Blanton CTR3 A (70-72) Email
Richard Blount CTT3 A (57-59) Email
Mike Bocskey CTR3 B (65-67) Email
Jon Bode CTT1 R&D/A-Supvsr (59-62) R.I.P.
Anthony "ACE" Bonner CT2 A (54-56) R.I.P.
Dan "Rocky" Bonyeau CTT2 A (60-62) Email
David "MO" Borden CTT1 A/DayWkr (68-72) R.I.P.
Ronald Bose CT3 Ops (67-69) Email
Tom Bosworth CDR XO (68-72) R.I.P.
Kenneth H. "Bayou" Boudreaux CTT2 A (69-72) Email
Larry Bowen CTRSN * (65-66) Email
(2nd Tour) CTR2 C (67-69) Email
Jim Bowerman CTRSN A (59-60) Email
Donald E Boyd PN2 Personnel (59-62) Email
Fred Brackmann CTR3 A (67-68) Email
Steve Bradford CTT3 C (70-71) Email
Bob Bradley CTRSN C (66-66) Email
Ronald M. Bradley CTR1 C/DayWkr (66-69) R.I.P.
Bill Branick CTR3 * (66-66) Email
Charles Braun RM3 NAB/ComUnit8 (50-52) Email
Dave Breckenfelder CTR3 D (66-68) Email
Darrel L. Brewer CTR2 Ops (68-70) Email
A. Mercer "Andy" Bristow CTRSN A (70-72) Email
James Brong CTR3 C (65-67) R.I.P.
Harry Brooks CTT1 R&D (58-61) R.I.P.
Howard Brower Cpl Co.B (61-63) Email
(2nd Tour) SSgt D-Co.F (66-68) Email
Aubrey Brown CTRSN A (59-61) Email
James A. "Brownie" Brown CTT2 C (69-72) Email
Larry Brown CTT3 * (62-63) Email
Bob Bruce CTT1 A (60-63) Email
Wayne Brunet CTT1 B (69-72) R.I.P.
Dean P. Brunke CTR3 B (56-57) R.I.P.
Garry Bryant CTT3 D (69-71) Email
Milton Bryant CTR1 C (58-62) R.I.P.
Les Buck CTT3 B/DayWkr (67-69) Email
John Buckner CTRSN Training (59-59) Email
Fred Bumgarner CTRSN C (67-67) Email
Roger Buringa CTO2 B (60-62) R.I.P.
Jim Burks CTT2 D (69-72) Email
Ray Burns CTT3 B (67-68) Email
Emil Busko CTT2 A/DayWkr (67-70) R.I.P.
Bill Butler CTT2 C (64-66) Email
Ron Butler CTT2 A (70-72) R.I.P.
C       Top
Jack "Chuche" Calderone CTT3 B (72-72) Email
Anthony "Tony" Caley CTM2 B (53-55) Email
Les Callahan CTA1 DayWrkr (66-69) Email
Tom Calpin Jr. CTR3 C (67-68) Email
Al Campbell CTM1 D (67-70) Email
Joe Canales CTM3 MatShop (55-57) R.I.P.
Rodney C. Carlson CTT3 R&D (61-63) Email
Tom Carnohan CTT3 B (70-72) Email
Jerry Carpenter CTRSN Training (60-60) Email
Howard Carriger CTM2 * (71-72) Email
Jim Carroll LCDR LegalOff (68-71) Email
Robert I. Carroll CT3 NSGD32D/Todendorf (56-57) Email
Leonard L. Carter Jr CTR3 A (65-67) R.I.P.
Tom Carter Cpl-CTO HQBatt/Co.G (59-61) Email
Bob Casale CTRSN Training (62-63) Email
Terry Cash CTR3 C (70-72) Email
Clint H. Caves CTR2 D (65-68) Email
Craig Chaffee CTOC C (66-67) R.I.P.
Michel Chamberlin CTRSN Training (65-65) Email
Raymond G. Chase Cpl C-Co.B (58-60) Email
Chet Childs CTRSN DayWkr (66-66) R.I.P.
John Choate CTT2 A (60-62) Email
Tom Christie CT1 A/OP2 (55-57) Email
Dennis Clark CTT2 D (69-72) R.I.P.
John E. Clawson CTT2 Ops (60-62) Email
Tom Clements CTTC AEU (55-57) R.I.P.
Tommy Clifton CTR3 A (70-72) Email
Philippe Coache CTR2 A (53-55) R.I.P.
Jack E. Collins CTM3 * (54-54) Email
Ralph W. Collins CTT2 A (67-70) R.I.P.
Bob Comer CTT2 C (67-69) Email
Jim Comfort CTRSN * (65-65) Email
Jerry Conner CTO2 * (59-61) Email
Steve Connors CTRSN DayWkr (68-68) Email
Wilford Conrad PN3 Admin/Personnel (50-52) Email
Bob Cooper CTM? * (67-70) R.I.P.
Don "Cope" Copenhagen CTT2 A (60-62) Email
Bill Cottle CTT1 C (66-69) Email
Carlton A."Carl" Cox CTR2 A (66-68) Email
Stephen P. Coyle CTM3 MatShop (66-68) R.I.P.
James A. Crawford CTTCS TO-branch DivChief (68-71) Email
Don Crerar CTR1 A (66-70) R.I.P.
Dean Crosswhite CTT3 C (58-60) Email
Dick Crowell CT3 C (59-60) Email
George "CpnGroats" Crozier CTT2 A (70-72) Email
Robert Culver CTA1 Admin/Todendorf (68-70) Email
Chuck Cummins Sgt SubUnit 2 (59-62) Email
Richard W. Cunningham CTR3 D (66-67) Email
Richard "Rick" I. Curtis CTR2 C (70-72) Email
John Cutrell CTR3 C (70-72) Email
D       Top
Andrew Dahl CTA3 Ops/Admin (65-67) Email
Frederick Gray Dame CTSN Ops/Admin (58-60) Email
Eugene C. "Dan" Danielson CT2 C (53-56) R.I.P.
Jerry Danner CTR3 C/MatShop (67-69) Email
Tom Danner CTR3 A (66-69) Email
Steven "Steve" Darling CTT2 * (70-72) Email
Gene Davidson CT1 MatShop (54-56) R.I.P.
John E. Davis CTRC OWC/DayWkr (65-68) R.I.P.
John L. Davis CTR2 A (67-68) Email
Bill DeArmond CTT3 A (67-69) Email
Bill Deemie Ltjg OpsDiv/WatchOff (65-66) R.I.P.
Frank Deleu CT2 B (56-58) Email
Edgar E. DeLong RM2 NAB/CommUnit8 (50-51) Email
Dave Dembowski CTT2 C (56-58) R.I.P.
Richard Denny CTR3 B (67-70) Email
Mike Desmon Cpl Co.B (61-62) Email
Dennis M. Devaney CTO3 A (70-72) Email
Victor DeVoe CTM2 DayWkr (65-70) R.I.P.
Thomas E. DeWitt CTR2 C (55-56) R.I.P.
Tom Dickhudt CT2 * (71-72) Email
Bob Dietrich CTT3 B (70-72) Email
Phil DiFilippo CTRSN C (66-69) R.I.P.
Kenneth Dikeman CTM2 * (57-59) Email
Robert D'Imperio CTSN C (56-57) Email
William Dipple CTO2 C/A (67-69) Email
Dennis Disbrow CTR2 C (70-72) Email
Tom Dixon CTR2 P&R (66-67) Email
J.W. Dobkins CTM2 B (67-70) Email
Robert "Bob" Dockery CTM2 TTY Shop (71-72) Email
Brett Dockry CTRSN B (69-70) Email
Bill Dodge CTT3 C (59-62) Email
Paul Doherty CTT2 * (68-70) Email
Charles Doile CTO3 A (67-68) Email
Harry J. Dolan CTRSN * (59-60) Email
Tom Dollar CTT3 Training/Instructor (65-68) Email
Jim Dorman JO1 DayWkr (69-72) Email
Cecil Dorsey CT3 A (57-60) R.I.P.
Walter Dorsey CTR1 Supervisor (61-62) Email
James M. Doyle CTR2 D (67-68) Email
Rich Drabek CTR2 * (57-58) R.I.P.
Steve Drago CTT2 B/C (59-62) R.I.P.
Don Draughon CTR2 B (69-71) Email
Thomas Duffy CT2 * (55-56) R.I.P.
Mike Dugan CT2 C (56-57) Email
Robert P. Dumas CTRSN * (57-57) R.I.P.
J.T. Dunn CTT3 * (67-68) Email
Donald Lee DuPay CT2 Todendorf (57-59) Email
E       Top
Don C. East CTT2 B (60-61) R.I.P.
Wilson H. "Dick" Eastman CTCS P&R Chief (61-64) R.I.P.
Dale Ebersold PN1 Admin (65-67) Email
Deani H. Edwards CTI2 B/TA (57-60) Email
Ralph Edwards CTRC TA (58-61) R.I.P.
(2nd Tour) CTCS TA (65-67) Email
Ralph Otis Edwards, Jr. CTT1 * (67-70) Email
John Egan Cpl Co.B (61-62) Email
Dennis Eikleberry CTR2 C (67-68) Email
Dennis Eisman CTO2 C (64-66) Email
Roland "Ron" Ekstrom CTR2/CTO2 B (70-72) Email
Jim Elliott CTR3 B (66-68) Email
Robert Englund RM2 CommUnit8 (55-57) Email
Jim Ennes LCDR P&R Off (68-71) Email
Jim Ercole CTR3 D/AF-DF (58-59) R.I.P.
Dennis Erickson CTRSA B (63-64) Email
Ed Eroh CTSN Training (65-65) Email
Danny Evenson CTR2 C (66-67) Email
Jim Ewing CTA2 Admin (68-69) Email
F       Top
Robert Fahenstock CTRSN ? (61-62) R.I.P.
Bernard Farrell CTR3 A (53-55) R.I.P.
Ronald Fathke CTT1 C/D (67-70) Email
Gordon "Bud" Faust CTR2 B (60-62) Email
Dalton C. Fauver CTR3 * (68-69) Email
Bob Featherer CTT1 D (69-72) Email
Mike Ferguson CTR2 A (54-56) Email
Steve Ferraez Cpl D (69-72) Email
Charlie Ferrara CTRSN * (66-66) Email
Frank Fichera CTRSN C (67-68) Email
Bob Field CTRC D (55-57) R.I.P.
Gary L. FitzHugh CTTC A/C/P&R (63-65) Email
Walt Fitzpatrick CTR1 A (69-72) R.I.P.
Norm Fleisher CT2 * (53-54) Email
James Foerst CTM3 MatShop/C (68-69) Email
Dennis Fowler CTT2 B (70-72) Email
James E. Fox CTR3 Todendorf (58-59) Email
Jim Francis CTRSN * (64-65) Email
Dave Freeman CTR2 C (60-62) R.I.P.
Ed Frees CTT1 * (67-71) Email
Kenneth J. Freiwald CTR2 A (70-72) R.I.P.
J. Paul Freniere CTR2 A / D (70-71) Email
Ed Fridal CTRSN * (58-58) Email
Bob Fritsch CTT1 B/DayWkr (68-71) Email
Cal Fuhrman CTT2 C (63-66) Email
Dustin Fuller CTR3 B/D (65-67) Email
Doug Funke CTR3 D (70-72) Email
George A. Furford CTM3 MatShop (58-60) Email
G       Top
Jimmie "Guppy" Gabbert CTRSN A (71-72) Email
Roland Gagnon CTR2 C (66-69) Email
Mike Gallagher CTA2 DayWkr (69-71) Email
Tim D. Ganow CTT2 C (60-62) R.I.P.
Ralph A. Garcia SSgt Co.F (65-68) R.I.P.
Henry Gardner CTT2 C (59-62) Email
Elza Garney CTR2 B (59-61) R.I.P.
Steve Garvin CT3 Admin (65-68) R.I.P.
Barney Gasbarre CTC PersChief (55-57) R.I.P.
Joseph David Gatto CTI1 * (56-57) R.I.P.
Kenneth Gauthier CTT3 Todendorf (65-66) Email
Dale Geisel CTTSN A (63-63) Email
George Gibson CTR2 A (67-70) Email
John Gidusko CTC R&D (55-57) R.I.P.
Brian Gilligan CTR3 B (67-69) Email
Gene Gimson CT3 D (56-58) Email
Fred Giovannitti CTR3 C (56-59) Email
Joseph Glockner CTT1 B (69-72) Email
Michael Golio, Jr. CTIC P&R/DayWkr (65-68) R.I.P.
James Goode CTT3 * (65-66) R.I.P.
John Gordon CTT2 D/B (67-68) Email
James Graham CTR3 USNAB (53-54) Email
Harry Gravell CTR3 B (69-70) R.I.P.
John Graveno LCpl D-Co.B (61-63) Email
Charles Graves CTT1 C (65-68) R.I.P.
Orion F. Green CTO2 * (55-57) R.I.P.
Ron Green CTT1 D (63-64) Email
George J Greenawalt CTT1 B (68-71) Email
Arnold (Dutch) Greenley CTTC Frankfurt (66-68) Email
Rodney J. Greenley CTO2 A/B/DayWkr (67-69) R.I.P.
Charles Griffin CTM1 MatShop (65-67) R.I.P.
Bill Griffith CTO1 C (62-66) Email
Jeffrey "Jeep" Griffith CTT3 B (71-72) Email
Richard Guthrie CTT3 Todendorf (67-68) Email
Ray Gutowski CTR3 C (59-61) Email
Steve Gysler CTR3 * (67-68) Email
H       Top
Gene Hacker CTT2 C (59-62) Email
George Hagerty CTA1 DayWkr (70-73) Email
Bob Haggerty CT1 C (56-58) R.I.P.
Gary Haile CTR3 Ops (67-68) Email
Richard A. Hair CTRC A (66-67) Email
Jerry Hale CTR2 C (56-58) R.I.P.
Thomas S. Hall CTT1 D/DayWkr (69-72) R.I.P.
Robert "Shadow" Halsey CTSN D (67-68) Email
Gayle "Hambone" Hamblin CTT1 B (60-63) R.I.P.
Barry "Al" Hamel CTRSN B (66-67) Email
David Hampton CPL * (61-63) Email
Don Hands LCDR EMO (69-72) R.I.P.
James A. (Jim) Hanley CT2 A (57-58) Email
Larry Hanley CT3 D (56-57) R.I.P.
Robert Hansen CTM2 TTY Shop (60-63) Email
James C. Hargrove CTTC C (59-60) R.I.P.
David J. Haring CTT3 A (65-67) Email
Max Harris CTO/R2 C (56-58)
Tom Hart CTT2 A (70-72) Email
Fred Hartmann CTT3 C (58-61) Email
Thomas B. Hartshorn SSGT Co.B (61-63) Email
(2nd Tour) GySGT Co.F (65-68) Email
Lynn Harvison CTO1 C (55-56) R.I.P.
Ralph Haskew CTA3 DayWkr (67-69) Email
Ed Hatcher CTT2 A-P&R (60-63) Email
Patrick Haug CTM3 TTY Shop-C (60-61) Email
Paul Hauptly CTT2 SpOps (68-70) Email
Robert Hawkins CTM2 MatShop (61-63) Email
Tom "Hawk" Hawkins CTT3 C (59-62) Email
Vic Haynes CTO2 B-C (69-70) Email
Stephen S. Heath CTR3 B (66-68) Email
Edward Thomas Heather CTMCS * (70-71) R.I.P.
Ronald Hecox CTR2 C/D (67-68) Email
John Heikkinen CTT2 C (59-62) Email
Bill Heinke CTR3 * (57-61) Email
James Hergan CTRSN C (70-72) R.I.P.
H. "Chico" Hernandez CTSN A (57-59) Email
H. Mark Hernandez SGT/USMC D (67-69) Email
Charlie Hewitt CT2 C (56-58) Email
George O. Hill CTR2 C (59-60) Email
George Hilley CTRSN * (60-60) Email
Jerry Hines CTR2 C (67-69) Email
Jack Hipp CTRSN C (56-57) Email
(2nd Tour) CTR2 C (58-59) Email
Steve Hobensack CTR3 C (67-68) Email
Louis Y. Hoffmeyer CTT2 * (68-70) Email
John Hogan CT1 A (55-58) R.I.P.
Tom Hollis CTRSN A (71-72) Email
Jerry Holt CTT2 D (56-58) Email
(2nd Tour) CTTCS * (66-67) Email
Ron Holum CTT3 D (64-66) R.I.P.
Clint Hoover CTR2 A (54-56) R.I.P.
Ken Hoover CTRC A (71-72) Email
Bill Houston CTM3 R&D/SpecProj (65-67) R.I.P.
Bill Howard CTT1 A (70-72) Email
George Howe CTR2 C-B (68-70) Email
Raymond "Ray" Hricik CTR3 B (70-72) Email
Hilbert R. Hubble CTCA Supervisor (59-62) Email
David Hudelson CT3 * (57-57) Email
John Hudelson CTR2 Todendorf (58-59) R.I.P.
Gary Huggins CTRSN Training (62-63) Email
Bob Hughes CTTC 2nd Div/DayWkr (71-72) Email
Dan Hughes LCpl/CTR C (60-63) R.I.P.
William (Bill) C. Human CTT3 D (63-65) Email
Kel Humphreys CTMC MatShop (60-63) Email
Jack Hunter CTR2 * (59-60) R.I.P.
Bill Hurst CTM3 MatShop (63-67) Email
Patrick Hydrick CTI2 C (68-70) R.I.P.
I       Top
Bob Iles CTT3 C (70-71) Email
Mack Innis CTT3 B (65-67) Email
Russ Irving CTR1 D/C (56-58) Email
J       Top
Steve J. Jackson CTT3 D (70-72) Email
Terry Jackson CTR3 C (66-69) Email
William J. Jackson CTM3 MatShop/R&D (67-68) Email
Frank Jacob LTjg * (65-67) R.I.P.
Richard Jacob CTM2 B/C (68-71) Email
Walt Jeschke CTRC AlfaSupvsr (58-60) R.I.P.
Robert M. Johns CTM2 MatShop (53-54) R.I.P.
Bob Johnson CTT3 D (70-72) Email
Chad Johnson CTRSN C (58-58) Email
Kim T. "KT" Johnson CTT3 C (71-72) Email
Robert W. "Johnny" Johnson CTR3 C (56-57) R.I.P.
William K. Johnson CTT1 * (67-70) Email
Bill Johnston CTM2 MatShop (63-66) Email
Darrell Johnston CTT3 B (67-68) Email
Ron Johnston CTI2 D (63-64) Email
(2nd Tour) CTI1 DayWkr (68-69) Email
Eddie Jones CTT2 C-32Div (67-69) Email
L.V. "Vic" Jones CTTC B/DayWkr (54-56) R.I.P.
Al Joye SSGT Co.F (69-72) Email
Steven E. Jungst CTR2 A (70-72) Email
K       Top
Ray Kargle CTTC Todendorf (66-69) Email
Jake Karoly CTI1 P&R (62-64) R.I.P.
Richard Katzenberger CTRC OpsChief (53-55) R.I.P.
James P. Kavanagh CTRSN B (65-66) Email
Jack Kaye CTT1 B (70-72) Email
Guy Keenum LCDR AdminOfficer (70-72) R.I.P.
James S. Keith CTM2 R&D (57-59) R.I.P.
George Keller CTM2 MatShop (65-67) Email
Steve Keller CTRSN A (71-72) Email
Bob Kelly CTR3 Ops (55-57) Email
George Kelly CTRSN C (65-66) Email
David Kennedy CTR3 Training (64-64) Email
Mark Kenney CTR3 A (70-72) Email
Gene A. Kernohan CTR2 C (71-72) R.I.P.
Tony Killinger CTM2 D (65-68) Email
Bob Kindred CTT3 D (70-72) Email
George King FN1/C NAB (46-47) Email
Melvin King CTRSN * (59-59) R.I.P.
Rick King CTRSN * (66-67) Email
Richard Kirk TE3 NAB (48-50) Email
John "Stumpy" Kiser LCpl D/B (59-61) Email
Ed Klimkewicz CTT2 B (65-67) R.I.P.
George Kloc MM2 PublicWrks (67-71) Email
Bill Knight CTR2 P&R (58-60) R.I.P.
James D. Knight CTACM Activity SrMC (66-68) R.I.P.
Denny Knott CTT2 B (62-64) Email
Robert J. Kogutek CTR2 A (71-72) Email
Frank Konegni * * (64-64) Email
(2nd Tour) CTR2 C (69-71) Email
Bob Kord CTA3 Todendorf (65-68) Email
John T. Korn CTA1 DayWkr (56-57) Email
Charles J. Koss SN1/C Supply (46-48) Email
John Kracke CTT3 B (68-69) Email
Clifford Kraft CTM1 MatShop (63-65) Email
David Kratz CTRSN C (70-72) Email
James A. Kraus CTO3 A/B/C/D (67-69) R.I.P.
John Kremer CTR3 B (66-69) Email
Karl "Kris" Kristiansen CTR3 C (66-69) R.I.P.
Philip D. Kroll CTRC A/C (69-72) Email
Richard "Sandy" Kubek CTT2 B/D (65-68) Email
Bill Kucher CTR3 * (65-66) Email
Darryl Kutz CTO3 Ops (56-57) R.I.P.
L       Top
Oscar "Frenchie" LaBouliere CTM3 MatShop (60-61) R.I.P.
Joe Lacey CTT1 * (62-65) R.I.P.
Richard Landauer CTT2 * (65-67) Email
Ed Lande Sgt D (68-70) Email
Jack Landesberg CTT3 B (70-72) R.I.P.
Thomas P. Lane CTT3 B (70-72) Email
Ed Lankford CTM3 MatShop (53-55) R.I.P.
Bill Lapierre CTT3 D (71-72) Email
Thomas "TJ" LaRonde CTR3 B (58-60) Email
Dennis Laster CTR2 C (70-72) Email
Bill Lathim CTO3 D (67-69) Email
Paul LaValley CTO2 C (63-65) R.I.P.
Sam Leach CTT2 * (59-63) Email
James J. Leake SSgt Co.F (65-68) R.I.P.
Martin C. Leake CTR2 AES (55-57) R.I.P.
Thomas C. Lee CTTC(SS) * (72-72) Email
Al Lepper CTR3 A (71-72) Email
Vance V. Lessard CTT2 D (70-72) Email
David E. Lewis LTjg OP-1 DivOff (55-57) R.I.P.
Graydon A. Lewis CTTCS DayWkr (54-56) R.I.P.
Jim "Lew" Lewis CTT3 DayWkr (66-66) Email
Craig Lihs CTT1 C (65-68) Email
Michael W. Lindert CTR3 C (70-72) Email
Roscoe H. Lindsey CTR2 A (70-72) R.I.P.
John R. Lipe Sgt Co.F MarSptBn (68-70) R.I.P.
David Lipsius CTT2 R&D (63-66) R.I.P.
Jerry Little CTT1 C (64-66) R.I.P.
Kenneth Livingston DKSN NAB/Ship's Company (47-49) Email
Bill Lockert CTO1 Todendorf/OPS (59-61) R.I.P.
Bryce Lockwood SSgt P&R-Sec1 (66-69) Email
Don Loftus DK3 DayWkr (67-68) Email
Dave Lowery CTA3 ARFCOS/DayWkr (63-65) Email
Chuck Luby CTSN B (56-57) R.I.P.
Kenneth "Randy" Ludington CTT2 B (69-71) Email
Joe Lukachinsky CTR2 B (66-68) Email
Tim Lunn CTI1 B-DayWkr-P/R (62-65) Email
Bernadean "Bernie" Beaston Lynch CTO2 B-D (56-57) R.I.P.
Frank Lynch CTT3 A (68-68) R.I.P.
James F. Lynch CTA3 DayWkr (55-57) R.I.P.
Philip Lynch CTT2 D (68-70) Email
Al T. Lyster CTR1 * (62-66) Email
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