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NSGDetachment Misawa, Japan (circa 1967)
Images from   Michael Grandy (former CT2)

Bill Schaad's birthday 1967

unk, unk, Rick Jenkins, Lenny Fraunhoffer 1967

Mamasans 1967

Misawa guys 1967

Misawa 1967

Rick after bike crash into rice paddy 1967

Rick Jenkins in rice paddy 1967

Rick Jenkins, Lenny Yee, and friends 1967

Rick, Bill, and Jim 1967

LCDR Tom Finley, USN,
former OIC of NSGD Misawa

Tom Finley Obituary

Rick Jenkins and friend 2007

Misawa in 1967. Mike Grandy (left),
Rick Jenkins (center; current living in San Diego),
and Al Guidry (right), and a couple of our &girl friends&.
We were three inseparable buddies.

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