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Torii Station/Hanza, Okinawa .. 1965-1967
Images and Narrative from Mark Soldate

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The main gate taken from the NSG barracks.

Torii Station looking down the hill from the
NSG barracks toward the post office.

Torii Station Gym probably in '67.
My ex-room mate is #23, John Schroeder, CTM,
I'm #25 and Ben Azios is to the far right.
I don't remember #24s name.
Picture of 3 friends taken in Feb 1967 in front of the Torii Station chapel.
Left is Lou Gargaro from Glendale, CA. Middle is Jerry Fon from Chicago, Ill
and right is Ben Azios from Houston, TX. Lou and I played on the NSGA
backetball teams in 65/66, 66/67 and 67/68. Ben in 66/67 and 67/68.
Lou and I also played on the All-Island basketball team representing Okinawa
in the ComNavForJapan basketall tournament in Yokosuka in '66 and '67.

A group photo of the 65/66 NSGA basketball team taken sometime in Feb or March of '66.
I'm standing behind and to the right of Captain Eve with Joe O'Connell to my right and Lou Gargaro in front of him.
I don't remember anyone elses name. No not even the coach or for that matter the XO.

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