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Lone Star Chapter - NCVA
April 29 - May 1, 2005 Reunion: Annual Meeting

NCVA Lonestar Chapter Annual Meeting

The Lonestar Chapter of the Naval Cryptologic Association met for it’s annual
gathering on April 29 – May 1, 2005 in Ft. Worth, Texas. The Lonestar Chapter
was organized in 2004 during a meeting in Austin, Texas where by-laws were
adopted and officers elected. The second meeting was held at the Homewood
Suites in Ft. Worth within easy driving distance of the Ft. Worth Stockyards and
many other areas of interest.

The gathering began on Friday, April 29th with registration and of course, an open
hospitality room. The air-conditioning had to be turned up a notch to combat all
the “hot air” that flowed from the tables of conversation and telling (re-telling) of
sea story after sea story. Needless to say, the first liar didn’t stand a chance!
The hospitality room closed around midnight in order to give everybody’s tongues
a chance to rest up and to get a good night’s sleep for the next day.

After a hot breakfast and mustering back in the hospitality room to meet and
greet new arrivals, the Chapter conducted it’s business meeting at 10:00 a.m.
Chapter President Hilch Lindsay presided over the business portion of the
gathering. Joe Canales was voted to the position of Vice-President to replace
Jason Weiss who has relocated out of state. Hilch then gave everyone an
update on the progress of plans for the National NCVA Reunion slated for
September 3-7, 2005 in San Antonio. Volunteers were solicited to help flesh out
the final preparations for what looks to be an outstanding program this fall.
Between the great accommodations, tours, dinners, and special events on tap for
the reunion, NCVA members who have the opportunity to join us in Texas this
year will be bowled over by the scale and scope of what will be available. There
will definitely be something for everybody.

Tentative plans were discussed for next year’s gathering of the Lonestar Chapter
with several locations suggested as sites for the 2006 reunion. It was agreed
that the same timeframe next year will be perfect for most attendees and once a
site has been confirmed, details will be provided to members in plenty of time to
plan. The business meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m. and the hospitality
room was “officially” opened again with the day open to visit the sights and rest
up for the evening dinner.

Attendees mustered again at 3:00 p.m. to caravan to Logan’s Roadhouse for
dinner where almost 50 folks gathered at the restaurant. After a great dinner
and plenty of good conversation and visiting old friends, it was back to the
headquarters and the hospitality room which again stayed open to around midnight.

Everyone began departing after breakfast on May 1st with lots of hugs and
handshakes all around. There were several new faces at this year’s gathering
and we hope to have an even bigger crowd next year. With word-of-mouth about
this year’s meeting, the NCVA Reunion in September and other efforts to “get the
word out” about the Lonestar Chapter, we look forward to an ever increasing
membership over the coming months.

Attendees at this years Reunion included:

Bill & Gloria Ayars
Glen & Debi Smith
Dave & Peg Fiehtner
Joe & Carolyn Alexander
Ralph & Pat Edwards
Bob & Sandy Wenzl
Lee Mobley
Katherine Sander
Hilch & Leslie Lindsay
James & Norma White
Gladys Wagner
Ron & Jessica Beadles
Glenn & Phyllis Breazeale
Ray & Martha Clark
Jack Sprott
Leonard & Neva Sublett
Jim & Carol Gibbons
Alan & Sue Atkins
V.A. Barton
Wil Emshoff
Darrell Stanford
R.E. & Louise Fredrick
Bob Stephens

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