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Lone Star Chapter - NCVA
April 2004 Reunion: First Annual Meeting


The Lone Star Chapter-NCVA held its first annual meeting in Austin, Texas on April 16
& 17, 2004. The headquarters hotel was the South Austin Ramada Inn. There was a
total of 51 attendees.

Those in attendance were: Jason Weiss; R.E. & Louise Frederick; Joe & Carolyn
Alexander; Glen & Debi Smith; Dave & Peg Feihtner; Bob & Edith Payne; Joe & Jackie
Glockner; Marty Boss; Lee Mobley; Katherine Sander; Joe & Joanne Canales; Kay
Gates; Rex Homer; Ed Purcell; Gladys Wagner; Bill & Gloria Ayars; Glenn & Phyllis
Breazeale; Jack & Sue Stephenson; Ron & Jessica Beadles; Ralph & Pat Edwards;
Charles & Patty McKinney; Lenny & Alice Carter; Lorraine & Evelyn Sims; Ray &
Martha Clarke; Hilch & Leslie Lindsay; Jim & Carol Gibbons; Kevin & April Gibbons;
Don & Joan Scherz and Ike Herrick.

The meeting got under way at 15:00 on the 16th with a greeting from Host Lee Mobley.
There was time to meet and greet old friends and make new ones. The Ships Bell from
NavCommSta Phillipines was on display and there were some pictures and memorabilia.
Refreshments were provided and the Sea stories were being told. The first day was free
lance for the evening meal. The hospitality room was open until 2345 and there was
plenty of stories and laughter.

The second day started early with most everyone having a breakfast at the Hotel and then
they went to visit some of the sights of Austin and they found out how bad the traffic
was!! The general business meeting was held at 1500 and the following items were

    2005 NCVA Reunion - Being held in San Antonio and hosted by Joe Canales and
Hilch Lindsay. Hilch gave a overview of what they were planning and then asked for
volunteers to help with the Reunion. The reunion will be held September 3-7, 2005 at
the Marriott Riverwalk Hotel.

    The By Laws for the Chapter were discussed and voted on and accepted as written.
These were adapted using the format from other NCVA Chapters. During this
discussion the following officers/directors were nominated and elected: Hilch
Lindsay, President; Jason Weiss, Vice President; Glen Smith, Secretary and Lee
Mobley, Treasurer. These officers were elected for three years.

    The issue of when to hold the annual meeting of the Chapter was discussed and it was
decided to hold the annual meeting in the Spring. Bill Ayars and Glen Smith
volunteered to host the 2005 Annual meeting in the Fort Worth area.

    There was discussion on dues and it was decided not to charge dues. Costs will be
absorbed in the registration fees for the annual spring meeting.

    Dave Fiehtner, visiting from the Smoky Mountain Chapter and also representing the
National NCVA gave some pointers on the running of the Chapter and what the
Chapter would mean to the 2005 National reunion.

    The general meeting was closed at about 1615 and all present gathered for a group

    Joe Glockner has started a Website for the Lone Star Chapter at:
There are pictures from the meeting and other information.

At 1715 the Chapter departed the hotel and proceeded to Threadgill’s (a local eatery) for
the evening meal. 47 folks had a choice of Chicken Fried steak, Grilled Chicken Breast
or Fried Catfish with two sides and dessert. After the meal, most proceeded back to the
Hqs hotel and spent the evening reminiscing or telling sea stories. The Hospitality room
closed at 0100.

A good time was had by all and most are looking forward to next year and getting more
people involved. It was worth all the work and enlightening to see the participation that
we had. It was noted by one of our visitors that the group was a pleasant surprise and it
was enlightening to see new and young members getting involved.

We hope to see all that attended back next year and to see those that could not attend this
year come join us and enjoy the good times and relive some of your experiences with us.

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