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NCS Guam - 1966/1967

Can you help identify the people in these photos?
Yes, I can help!

Here are two pics from Guam, circa 1966-67 on NCS Beach. I remember when I first arrived we were assigned to assist with building
the hut that is pictured here. The other image was taken probably closer to 67-68 time frame at the beach cave on Anderson AFB.
The "young guy" was the quarterback on the NCS football team (the name hogalund or hogabom or something like that sounds
familiar) and the person behind him was one of our Chief's (the name Dehn keeps ringing a bell but I am not sure).

John Kracke - 29 Apr 2008

Quarterback was Bob Hojnacki from Philadelphia. The guy in the yellow bathing suit in the picture on the right is Marty Greitzer from New Hampshire. He and Hoj hung out together. I think the guy holding the beer can is Arnie Moinot from Louisiana. It looks like him, but the pictureís a little unclear. Iíve seen Hoj and Arnie since then. Iím going to send them the pictures. I was the tight end on the football team. We had a reunion here at my house last summer. There were 11 guys who made it from the 1967 team. Do you know any of these guys? Mike Cichy, Dave Leary, Ed Stoebe, Hoj, Bob Stare, Ned Dubois, Lt. Bud Tyler, (Def. Coach), Jack Stigall, Larry Crews, John Boyd. Do you have any more Guam pictures? If you do, Iíd love to get copies. I have football pictures and some base pictures I can share. Please let me know. Thanks,

Frank Lynch - 30 Apr 2008

Thanks for that info. Bob Hojnacki was in my watch section under Chief "Clyde" Bacon. I didn't remember the name. Now that you mention his name it is clear. I remember Marty Greitzer too as well as Arnie Minot (we competed for the same Blond Girl he might remember her name "Sandy"). I also remember Mike Cichy (who can forget the tank when he would run down the field and literally take the heads off of the opposing team members. What a guy. Ed Stoebe I remember too. I don't know how many negatives I have from Guam. I have a lot of them jumbled together in some boxes that I am just now starting to scan so I can see what they are. I know that most are 126 film so I will be going through them first. If I do uncover any more from Guam I will let ya know. I would appreciate if you can send what ya have from there as we were there at the same time. Do you have any idea who the Chief is in the picture taken at the cave on the beach an Anderson?

John Kracke - 30 Apr 2008

The one in the green and yellow bathing suit is myself - Marty Greitzer. I believe the one leaning on the back of the car is Ettinger, I don't recall his 1st name. It sure does bring back memories from the good old days. Hope all is going well for you.

Marty Greitzer - 03 May 2008

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