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Corry Field - summer 1966

Can you help identify the person in these photos?
Yes, I can help!

The one on the bunk has a towel that has the name "Lewin" but I don't know if that is this guys name or the lower bunk.
I can't remember what the towel hanging order was if there was one. Heck, I don't even remember taking the pictures or why
I have them. I am pretty sure that they were taken in the summer of 66 and it was down near the old T branch barracks.

John Kracke - 29 Apr 2008

Not sure but the photos look a lot like a shipmate from Todendorf named Owen "Whimpy" Lewis. Believe he did a tour in Adak before coming to Todendorf in late 67/early 68.

Jimmy Wint - 29 Apr 2008

That makes sense since the Towel on the bunk has the name LEWI(N) but I really can't make out the last letter or the initials. After the name Owen Lewis was given, I looked at it again and that could be the guy. I really don't remember him though and as I said, I really don't even remember why I have these negatives. Hopefully someone can reunite the picture of him with he or his family, I am sure they would get a kick out of it.

John Kracke - 30 Apr 2008

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