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NSGA Key West, Florida - 1964
Images from Bill Lockert and CLyde Lopez

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NSGA Key West, old American Ammo Bunker located
southern end of the island. On top of the bunker is the
"Van" that was shipped from Todendorf, Germany in 1962.
NSGA barracks 1964 - top, left side deck only.

SGT Norm Osumi, CTOC Lockert,
SSGT Jim "Frenchy" Foret (Marine O-brancher),
and CTOSN Balis.
CTR3 Joe Kramer,
Shore Patrol
and small admirer

CTRC George Neff
throwing ringers
CTO1 Bob Kucala
and now Major of Marines
Kucala - son
CTOSN Seymour

CTT1 Smith and CTOC Lockert at Smittys house CTRSN Sam Taylor

CTOSN Seymour and his
locker. Look at the room in
CTRSN Steve Twombly
and CTRSN Sam Taylor
CTRSN Sam Taylor CTO2 Max Norman Scott
at extra job

CTO1 Lockert and CTI1 Clyde Lopez try to become
CPO Acting Appointments. - July 1964
CTI1 Lopez talks with his Defense Lawyer.
No help. - July 1964

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