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NSGA Keflavik, Iceland (circa 1960)
Images from    John "Red" Oakes (former CTM3)

Please scrolldown. Click-on each photo to enlarge.

(L-R):   John "Red" Oakes, Charlie "Zoomy" Wert, and Joe "Little Joe" Lahair along
with our mascot Fangue, and was taken along the road near our site.

Photo of a "Matman Party" the particpants from left to right are Ray Kazbarian,
Charlie Wert, an un-identified sailor below Charlie, John Oakes and under the
table are Tom Berner and Bill Garrity.

(L-R):   Charlie Wert, John Oakes, Joe Lahair, Sweet Pea, and Bill Garrity that was
taken at the entrance to our site.

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