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Tuslog Det-28 Karamursel, Turkey (circa 1957-1959)
Images from   Tom Sheehan (former CTSN)

Please scrolldown. Click-on each photo to enlarge.

Brad Flint, Ted Strachan,
Phil Cirone

Fitzimmons, Phil Cirone,
Mike Inella

Kelly Bowling, John Anderson, Ted Strachan,
Gary Littlejohn

Tom Sheehan,Ted Strachan,George Morse

Tom Sheehan, John Anderson

Merklein, Innella, Flint, Paolozzi, Sheehan,
Littlejohn, Unknown, Motto

Williams, Flint, Goggins, Stranigan, Unknown, Fitzimmons

Mike Motto, Ted Strachan, Merklein

Cinkutis, DiImperial, Williams, Pardue, Flint

Rudzynski, Harris, Fox, Schneider, Unknown

Anderson, Cirone, Williams, Pardue

Unknown, Strachan, Anderson, Berry, Flint, Unknown

Cinkutis, Anderson

Grave yard

Ferry back to base

View from Galata Bridge

Black Sea view

Entrance to Sultan's Palace

Galata Bridge at Bosphorus Straight


Blue Mosque

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