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TUSLOG Det 28, Karamursel, Turkey .. 1957-1958
Images from Robert (Bob) D'Imperio

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Robert (Bob) D'Imperio

Bob D'Imperio Leroy Copeland ..

Copeland  -  D'Imperio .. Slagle  -  D'Imperio John E Cole III

Ken Reed  -  Bob D'Imperio Decker  -  Reed "Togo"  Tom Paolozzi

Ken Reed Perkie Tex Berry

Perkie - Tom Paolozzi

Rick Ogle Cy Whatley John Cole

Decker Slagle Chuck Morris Bob D'Imperio

Cole  -  Decker  -  Reed  -  D'Imperio Slagle  -  Paolozzi

Chuck Morris Bob D'Imperio ..


Bob D'Imperio in his quarters at the BEQ. The photo, from Dec 1957,
shows Bob in front of what he believes is a Hallicrafters S-38. Note the
home made furniture. They had to use packing cases from the
electronic gear for storage and furniture - until it arrived on station.

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