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Karamursel, Turkey .. circa 1959-1960
Images from Jim Novotny CTRCS USNR (Ret)

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Two of the barracks
and mountains in the background - 1960

Some of our guys waiting to play softball in Karamursel.
2nd from left Gib Knipschild ?
3rd from left Ron Avery
far right Bob Hogabaum - 1960

Arriving in the port city Yalova,
near Karamursel - 1960

Some of the guys from Karamursel,
who contributed to an orphanage in Istanbul - 1960

More of our Karamursel guys who helped with the orphanage.
Sailor, 2nd from left is Brooks Loomis - 1960

Beyoglu (spelling?) Street.
A main street in Istanbul - 1960

A statue of Ataturk outside Istanbul University - 1960

A gathering in Taxim Square, in Istanbul, after a parade - 1960

A view of Istanbul from a firetower in town - 1960

The Blue Mosque, allegedly, at the time,
the only Mosque with six minarets - 1959

St. Sophia, now a museum, in Istanbul, Turkey - 1959

A carnival in Istanbul.
It played a part in the movie TOPKAPI.

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