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Det-28, Karamursel, Turkey .. circa 1958-1959
Images from   Roger (Rog) DeVree

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Det 28, Karamursel Patch

Barracks and part of the base.

Rog DeVree sitting at desk in room.

Robert Shapiro   -   Al Adoba   -  
John J. (Phil) Phillips,   -   ???? Falcone (I think).

Wayne ??????? Not positve of the name but he was in
the same room with Tex and me when I was
in the same section. I later changed sections.

2 Turks that cleaned our barracks plus
Tex Ray Kline in the middle and Rog Devree.

Front row (L-R):    Al Adoba, Harold Goad, Bob Shapiro, Jim Viano and Jim Baker.
Back row (L-R):    Chief Joe Griffin, Cy Whatley, Rog DeVree, Pete Coffey, John Phillips, Harold Blount,
LTJG Ben Stolz.

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