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NSGA Kami Seya, Japan - circa 1965-1967
Images from   William J. Smith, LCDR, USN Ret.

Please scrolldown. Click-on each photo to enlarge.

Ed Lutz (L) and Curt Swanson
check out their new Honda motorcycles.

Bill Smith, Curt Swanson and Ed Lutz pose on their new Hondas.

James Bond (L) and Ed Lutz take a breather during
mountain bike ride. Bill Smith is in the background.

Curt Swanson during trip to Nikko.

View of Mt. Fuji from Yokota AFB during motorcycle races.

Ray Cassels and Bill Smith on the base field.

Recovery Operations after Tunnel fire that killed
12 shipmates on 24 September 1965.

L-R Bill Smith, Frank Maimone, Ray Cassels, Sam Dedonatis
in crater of Mt. Fuji.

Party group in Chinatown bar -
front: Smith, Beattie;
sitting: unk, unk, Cassels, unk, unk;
standing: Messick, Melcher

Basketball trophy presentation -
kneeling: Cassels, Ponder, Beattie, Smith, Janelle;
standing: Campfield (Dungarees Standing), Barnham,
Freanly Johnson, James Bond, Champagne, Slyter,
LT Shields (Non-Morse DIVOFF), Marron, Melcher,
Dowler, unk.

Second Division Sayonara party in Chinatown -
faces in the crowd: Novinger, Dedonatis, Melcher, Dowler,
Cassels, Lutz, Velesky, Champagne, Smith, Barnham, Messick.

Second Division Sayonara party in Chinatown -
faces in the crowd: McMillan, Champagne, Beattie, Velesky,
Swanson, Dedonatis, Chief Mayfield, Novinger, Melcher,
Hamby, Slyter, Ponder, Smith, Barnham, Cassels, Oelze,
Gibbs, Graul, Vorndran and Shoulta.

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