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NRF(S) Kami Seya, Japan - 1955-1958
Images from   David DeMark (former CTO1)

Please scrolldown. Click-on each photo to enlarge.

Back: Gleason Gibson Peck
Middle: DeMark Singer Winfield McDonald
Front: Bareis Chambers Gabriel Whitley

Bareis Derk DeMark Peck


Chow Hall

DeMark Knowles

DeMark Purcell Unknown Hollender Unknown

DeMark Purcell

DeMark Unknown Unknown Parris


Fire Department

Kingston Trio came to visit

Main Gate


PX from Bowling Alley

Unknown DeMark

Unknown Purcell Wilmes Unknown

Wilmes and DeMark

Windsor DeMark Keomi Bareis Derk LaFontaine

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