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NSGA Kami Seya, Japan .. 1963 - 1965
Images from    Dave Miller (former CTT2)

Please scrolldown and click-on each photo to enlarge.

Christmas 1963 somewhere in Chinatown (Metropolitan Bar?)
(Left to right: Roger Ralston, Dan “Doc” Hennessy,
Mike Frysinger ?, Smith, Dave Miller, Mac Metheny,
?, Jim Quick)

From L to R: Jimmy Delgaudio, Mac Metheny,
Jim Horny, Dave Miller, Perkins
(This is another excellent example why Chinatown
ladies liked Kami Seya boys from 212 Divison.)

From L to R: One of the “KO” sisters, Dave Miller, Regis Huray,
Mac Metheny
(Dress Canvas Liberty Call in Chinatown following Captain’s
inspection. Note neckerchiefs appropriately adjusted for liberty
following inspection).

On left Dave Miller with unidentified shipmate just before taking
two of the “KO” sisters to the chapel center.

Sayonara party at the Club Calmen for Benny Moore and (?)
Laying down in front: Ron Kukal and Dave Miller
Kneeling L to R: J.X. Schmucker, Larry Choclate, Bob Marron, ?, Benny Moore, Ralph Young,
Mac Metheny, Rich Curtis
Back row L to R: Ken Slyter, Greg Stoddard, Doug Kerley, Doc Hennesey, Jim Roach, ?, Smith,
George Lambrokis, Ed Cook, ?, Wayne Bomar, Lou Caziak

Sayonara Party for Ed Ozehoski, Hollingsworth, and "Gator" Gillam - December 1964

Sayonara Party for John Chocolate and J.X. Schmucker

Advancement Party November 1963.
Note clever marketing ploy by owner in having signs in both Japanese and English pronouncements.

Sayonara Party for Ralph Young and Spencer.
Gent on far left with white jacket is Will Cordell who tragically perished in the tunnel fire in Sept 1965.

Rating Party May/June 1964 at the Club Calmen

Sayonara Party at the Metropolitan Bar (Russ Jardine ?)

Sayonara Party for Jimmy C. Delgaudio and Roger Ralston at the Metro.

Sayonara Party for George Lambrokis and Smith at the Metro.

Looks like just another Section 1 “sked” in Chinatown.
Photo shot in the ubiquitous “alley” next to the Bacchus.

Sayonara Party for Section 4 - Riley and others.

Sayonara Party for Bob Molkenbur and “Frenchy” Cloutier. I think this was at Gloria’s 777 (trip seven).

Sayonara Party at the Metro for (Russ Jardine ? – I’m bound to get one right sooner or later)

Cho Trotter’s football team fall of 1964.
Back row L to R: Bob Marron, Joe Doulin, Ralph Young, Don Sloan, Doc Hennessey, Spencer,
J.X. Schmucker, Andy Subach.
Front row L to R: (?), Fred England, Gary Dowler, Gator Gillam, Dave Miller, Ray Cassel, Wayne Bomar.

Tex Overstreet and Dave Miller on New Year’s Eve 1963
at the Sea Side Club in the Yokohama housing area.
After the party at the Sea Side, they headed-out for an
appearance on Dave Clark’s American Bandstand.

Kind Japanese hostess in front of Jack’s Steakhouse.
Jack’s was directly across the street from the
Silver Wagon and right around the corner from Original Joe’s.

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