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Kami Seya, Japan .. 1958-1959
Images from Donna A. (Mrs. Lee R. Sherrell, Jr. CTMCS) Sherrell

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Kami Seya, Japan, 1958-1959 Japan, Kami Seya Mess Hall, won 'Mess Hall Award' that year. (believe Lee Sherrell on right) Japan, Kami Seya Naval Radio Station, 1958-1959

Japan, Lee R. Sherrell, Jr., 1958-1959 Japan, Unknown Sailor in Village, 1958-1959 Japan, Lee Sherrell, 1958-1959 Japan, Lee Sherrell on roof of Gohra Hotel, March 1959 Japan, Lee Sherrell on right, 1958-1959

Japanese Rice Stacks, 1958-1959 Japan, Bamboo Trees, 1958-1959 Japanese Woods Scene, 1958-1959

Japan, Boat on Resort Lake, 1958-1959 Japanese Lake Resort up near Fuji, 1958-1959 Japanese Lake Resort up near Fuji, 1958-1959

Japan, Village, 1958-1959 Japanese View from roof of Hotel, 1958-1959, Buddy's name unknown Japan, Mount Fujiyama, 1958-1959

Japanese Houses, 1958-1959 Japanese Houses, 1958-1959 Japan, drying rice straw, 1958-1959

Japanese House and Garden, 1958-1959 Japan, scenery, from hillside, 1958-1959 Japan, Railroad, 1958-1959

Japan, Lady in Village, 1958-1959 Japanese daily ritual, air out linens, 1958-1959 Japanese House, 1958-1959 Japanese Fishing Boats and Wharf, 1958-1959

Japanese Cemetery, 1958-1959 Japan, Gold Fish Pond, 1958-1959 Japan Resort Hotel, 1958-1959 Japanese Rice Field, 1958-1959

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