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Army ASA Detachment at
NSGA   Kami Seya, Japan .. 1960-1961
Images from   Thomas H. Sechrist (former SP5 Army ASA)

Photo of Tom Sechirst in his Army Suntan Khakis outside the
barracks at Kami Seya. In the background is a Morris Minor,
a little Brit car, that belonged to a Navy CT who worked out at
the site where we worked, and two cars to the right is my old '52
Studebaker I bought from a CT First Class when he shipped out.

Robert O. Jones - Tom Sechrist - Joe Wolcott

Our ASA Detachment was out at the GRD-6 site and we only went to the tunnel to meet with our Navy POC there. We were a DF Detachment that reported to our headquarters at 12th USASA Field Station, Chitose, Japan.

We set up shop in Jan 60 at the GRD-6 site and was billeted in the barracks with the Navy.

R/ Norm Kitchin

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