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NSGA Kami Seya, Japan - 1966
Images from   Dick Oelze (former CTT3)

Please scroll down - click on each photo to enlarge.

Nikko, Tokyo, and Hakkone, Japan photos

Torii at the entrance to Redwoods leading to Nikko

Countryside going into Nikko

Giant Redwoods lining highway going into Nikko


Early morning on the Ginza--Tokyo Japan

Matsuya Dept. Store on the Ginza--downtown Tokyo

Sunrise over Imperial Moat--Tokyo


Dick's buddy - Rich Graul CTT1

Dick Oelze in the Land Yacht--what fun!

Lake Ashinoko with Mt. Fuju

Lake Ashinoko from the Hakkone Hwy

Mt. Fuju

Odawara coastline from Hakkone Hwy

Farmland with Fuji in background

Hakkone Express

Lake Ashinoko looking toward Hakkone

A couple of Marine? buddies..can't remember their
names...with Odawara in the background

Spike Janell & Rich Graul on the shores
of Lake Ashinoko--Brrrrr it was cold

Coming out of a tunnel with Fuji in the
distance---can't quite see it, but it's there

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