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NSGA  Kami Seya, Japan  -  1965-1966
Photos from Dick Oelze (former CTT3)

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My (Dick Oelze) Sayonara Party at the Scandinavia in Yokohama 11/29/66

I'm on the bottom third from the right in the funny looking Sayonara jacket.
Jack Gibbs (who I've been trying to find) is to my left in his funny jacket.
Tony Calisabetta is to my right in his funny looking jacket.

Another of the many Sayonara Parties I went to in 1966.

Christmas 65 - I think at the USO in Yokohama.
Herbie Smith, Ron Harland, Rodger Newton, John Shoulta & Dick Oelze.

Sayonara from the Right to Left :
my good buddy Jack Gibbs, Dick Oelze, Ron Hamby, and Tony Calisabetta - 1966.

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