KamiSeya, Japan .. March 2004
Images from Dick Irving CTMC USNR (Ret)

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The former main gate is now more or less permanently closed (post 9/11). Entry to the base is via a side entrance through
what used to be the old GRD-6 DF array field. I had no problem getting onto the base and although they would not let me visit
the "Tunnel area" - I had absolutely no problems taking pictures anywhere else on the base.

Most of the old buildings have been replaced by modern types. All of the old barracks are gone. The old chow hall is gone.
And much to my amazement the old Headquarters buildings 1 & 1A, as well as the large microwave tower behind them, is gone
as well. It looks like the present-day Headquarters is in what (circa 1960) was the sickbay/dental clinic. About the only buildings
that I recognized for absolutely sure was the fire house, the old NEX, snack bar, gym. Unfortunately, the old KA2KS ham shack
is also gone. I actually had a pretty hard time finding the place - they have sort of rerouted to old Rt 16, and took some looking
and asking. There has been a heck of a lot of development and urbanization that has taken place in the last 20 years.

Left photo:    This a view looking down the road toward the old Rt 16. The old Navy bus stop was immediately on the left and the Bar "Green House" was directly ahead.

Right photo:    Here is what the approach to the "old Main Gate" looks like in March 2004.

Warning Signs - This is what greets you when you turn off the old
Yokohama road (RT 16) into the old Main Gate area now days.

Left photo:    Here is a view of the old Main Gate entrance/ Japanese/U.S. Flag poles.

Right photo:    Closer-in shot of the flag pole base area.

Left photo:    This is a close-up of the present Admin Building - what was Sick Bay/Dental in our Day.

Right photo:    Wider view of the Admin building.

Left photo:    This is a shot of the present Club - One of the few buildings that was there in the early 60's is the old E Club.
It is now some sort of a game place.

Right photo:    Wider view of the Club.

Left photo:    This is a shot of the Chiefs/Officers quarters. Quite a come-up from the old non air conditioned - open bay days.
This place is actually more or less where the old Barracks 11 (I think) was - where the CMAA hung his hat. Only difference is
this building now faces away from the "Circle/Chow Hall" area and toward the fence.

Right photo:    Wider view of the Chiefs/Officers quarters.

Present day Chow Hall - again quite a come-up but according to
the signs - still a great "Feeder".

Present day BEQs - Really, really a big come-up from the old
open bay, non air conditioned sweat barracks.

Left photo:    One of the very few buildings that was there 40+ years ago that is still there standing and more or less serving
the same function as then - NEX. Of course in those days it was also the Snack Bar and Gym too.

Right photo:    Same building (NEX) closer look - gee it does look 40+ years older.

Infamous Fire Station - Not sure how proud they should be of this
building - after all of the various fires there during the 60's - but
here it is and again, more or less exactly as it was back then.

Left photo:    This is "long shot" of the present Main gate - which is about 1/3 of the way from the main base to the "tunnel".
It is as I recall, about where the road came in from the old GRD-6 site to the main road.

Right photo:    Closer shot of the Main gate - actually yesterday Sunday March 21. Note the post 9/11 posture - pretty typical
of much heightened security posture. One of the guys in "cammies" was a Japanese security guard and the other a USN sailor -
Very much armed and looking serious.
Nevertheless, when I asked about taking pictures and explained that I had been stationed there about 44 years ago -
and showed the sailor my retired chief's ID card he become very helpful and even respectful, kept calling me "Chief", I loved it.
Noted that he wasn't even born when I was stationed there (needed that reminder - NOT) and also asked me when I was
leaving the base, if I got all the pictures I wanted. There are still lots of good kids out there.

Dick and Mandy Irving at Kamakura