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NSGA Kami Seya, Japan - Sayonara Party Photos (circa 1962)
Images from Doug Stenzel

Please scroll-down. Click-on each photo to enlarge.

These photos were taken inside and outside the Bacchus Bar in Chinatown in 1962. I may have one
of the rare photos of George (I think that is what he was called), the photographer who took the thousands
of Chinatown photos that we all have in our collections (100 yen a copy, if memory serves).

Standing: Louie Dee, Mel (Owner of the Bar Bacchus),
unknown, Larry Light, Cliff Griswald.
Kneeling: George (China Town Photographer),
Denny Royce, Mel King, Unknown.

Standing: Cliff Griswald, Larry Light, Doug Stenzel,
Mel (Bacchus owner), unknown, Mel King,
Kneeling: unknown, Denny Royce, Chubbs Grolemund

Magoo passed out at the bar.

Tom Cottrell, Doug Stenzel, Tom Fairbanks,
Mel King, Denny Royce

Standing: Deak Paul, Tom Fairbanks, Unknown,
Unknown, Doug Stenzel, Unknown,
Kneeling: Tom Cottrell, Unknown, Unknown

Standing: Mel (Bacchus owner), unknown, Tom
Fairbanks, Mel King, Chubbs Grolemund, Unknown,
Kneeling: Tom Cottrell, Doug Stenzel,
Deak Paul, Denny Royce

Chris Griswald Sayonara party.

Third from left at the top, Wendel Jensen,
Far right in the middle, Wilson B. Lavoy

Peeking around the corner, Buzz Ordway, Pepe Laurita,
Doug Stenzel, Unknown, Chubbs Grolemund, Unknown
Kneeling: Larry Light (Dinki San), Unknown

Tom Fairbanks, Tom Cottrell, Doug Stenzel,
Mel King, Unknown

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