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Kami Seya, Japan .. 1966-1968
Images from Daniel Spry

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Mt. Fuji:  What it was all worth for - the sunrise. Mt. Fuji:  A few minutes later.

Mt. Fuji:  O-branchers from the barracks on a general services trip.

Mt. Fuji:  On the way up. I believe the guy with the
camera was Ralph Celentano.

Mt. Fuji:  Daniel Spry.

What can I say, but the daily view. An interesting sunset.

Downtown Yokohama - Isezakicho. Downtown Yokohama - Isezakicho.

Yokohama Tower.

The blizzard of 1967.

The blizzard of 1967.

4 1/2 Street during at night.

4 1/2 Street during the day.

Daniel Spry on the right. I have no recollection about this guy other than he left shortly after I got there.

This was some kind of base wide event

The only thing I remember about this guy is that
he wasn't at Kami Seya very long as he got
special orders to become an ARFCOS courier.

Glen Peebles on the left and the
guy on the right was from California

"Smitty" - He got transferred to
James Sutton, from Pleasanton, TX -
lived off post outside of Tsuruma.

Home away from home.

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