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CPO Club at Kami Seya, Japan - 1955
Narrative from Bill Lockert

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These two pictures were taken inside the Chiefs Club at KamiSeya. All six cartoon caricatures are by
R. L. Chandler and W. J. Morgan, and were in the bar area of the club. These pictures were taken by
Karl Sitler, and donated to CTMCM Jay Brown.

The pictures hung in the Chiefs Club from 1955 to 1994.

CPO Club Lounge at Kami Seya, Japan - 1994

The above photo is of the CPO Lounge, Building 2 at KamiSeya, showing two of the four surviving murals
from the old CPO CLUB (Bldg 132). The picture of the lounge was taken on 12 August 1994.

As I understand what happened from Master Chief Jay Brown, who was the Command Master Chief at KamiSeya in
1994, and the old club was being torn down. Jay Brown asked the Japanese workers if they could save the murals, and
of course they said "Yes". Since the murals were painted on to the walls, the Japanese workers had to cut them from the
walls, and they also framed them to hold them together. Unfortunately, they were able to save only four of the six.

To prevent the murals from being destroyed, Jay Brown put them in his household goods, and brought them to Pensacola
around 1995. They were at his house in storage for three years, and Jay donated them to the Wenger Command Display
in 1999. The photo (below) are the pictures hanging high in the Main Display room at the Wenger Command Display.

Wenger Command Display
Corry Station, Pensacola, Florida

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