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NSGA Kami Seya, Japan .. 1953-1955
and Yokohama/Yokosuka
Images from David Boner (former CT3)

Please scroll-down. Click-on each photo to enlarge.

Isezaki Cho
The main street in Yokohama. Camera on tripod, exposure for
3 min., f-16. Covered lens with hand to ward off car headlights.

Rainy Night
Movement of the tripod blurred film a little.

Watering Stations
Blue Moon Bar, one of many bars in the Yokohama area.
Sailors had their favorites.


Triple Exposure
One of the many double, triple, exposures.
New Haven Bar and etal.

Neon, Neon, Everywhere !
Metro, Remember, Red Rose and etal.

Liaison Officer
This former Japanese Officer worked closely with Kami Seya
Base officials to help settle the strike.

Bike Riding
The base workers seemed to have forgotten the U.S. Navy
has proven it is capable of taking care of itself.

Pepsi Truck
The truck was finally let in.

Arrival of Riot Police
The riot police brought the strike to an end.
Troops in the background.

Yokosuka Harbor
In the Yokosuka harbor, some small destroyers.
US parked these small ships here for several years.

Yokosuka Harbor
Some of the activities in a highly respected ship building and
maintenance in Yokosuka. Small carrier center-background.

Small Carrier
Close up of the small carrier being refurbished.

Dry Dock
Yokosuka was known as the largest dry dock in the world in
the 1950's. They flood and drain the facility to expose the ship.

Near Buddha in Kamakura, Japan.
Young boy posed himself! Note foot out of shoe.

Momotella-san Day
Children's Day at Cherry Blossom time.
Based on Nursery Rhyme - Old couple finds little boy
found inside a large peach.

Big Sister
Yokohama Street Scene.

Buddies at Kami Seya
Geo. Statham, Ed White, Dean Howard,
(back row) Stu Sutherland, Bill Epperson, Andy ?.

Japanese Laborer
Doing some concrete work behind the barracks at Kami Seya,
Japan. Note old military pants, leggings, and the shoes.

Big Buddha
Kamakura, Japan.

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