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USS Archerfish (SSN-678)
Images and narrative from
John Whitmire and Mark A. Bess

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USS Archerfish (SSN-678)

Archerfish was my second submarine deployment. I was the only Spook onboard for the 48 day deployment out of New London. She
was commanded by Sibley L. Ward III - don't know why I remember the name but he was pretty good. He sort of liked me also
because I just happened to provide him with some information that impressed him (pulled it right out of my a$$) and we got along
really good. I was providing him some special "Parasite" support and had information that he really liked. Very little PD time on
Archerfish so I spent a lot of time in Radio with the RM who was especially fond of the Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" recording
- he played it over and over and over and ....... I hated that album when I got off the boat (but really like the album now!). Additionally,
having also been formally and dually trained in the fine art of ESM techniques, I would occasionally assist the duty ET monitor the
"little green worm" on Pos 4/5 when we were at PD and try to teach him how to read the EPL. Apologies to the 4/5ers!

  R/ John Whitmire

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