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USS William H. Bates (SSN-680)
Images and narrative from John Whitmire

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USS William H. Bates (SSN-680) or the Billy Bates

This was my first submarine SPECOP. Loved it! Other Spook names that I can remember that were part of the team:
CTT1 Larry Taylor, CTTI John Turner, CTT2 John Baugus, CTI1 Frank "Frank The Yank" Arnold, CTI1 Greg "Jesus" Crites,
CTR1 Red Henderson, CTT1 Gene (Mad Dog Mudd The Maggott) Riley, CTT2 Dan "Pig Pen" Visger and I apologize for not
remembering the other names. This run was a Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years combined deployment.
This was also the first Bird-7 run and it was pretty successful considering we didn't have
much PD time. Like all other boats - the crew was fantastic!

  R/ John Whitmire

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