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USS Seawolf (SSN-575)
Images and narrative from John Whitmire

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USS Seawolf (SSN-575) . She may have been old - but she still "put" out!

Only made 1 run on the 'Wolf. Was lucky to get off her alive - those that were there will understand and appreciate the "humor"!

I had a bottom rack way back aft where the snipes slept. My rack was on the bottom and only had one little problem. Boxes of
food were stored on the deck beside my rack for the ENTIRE deployment and they finally got moved about 2 days prior to
returning to port. I literally had to lay on my stomach and wedge my way into the rack - fortunately I maintained my high school
figure which aided me in getting in and out of the rack. Whenever I lifted the pan locker I had about 6 inches where I had to
struggle to find anything in the locker. Really uncomfortable but manageable - still beat "hot racking"! Was glad to get home.

  R/ John Whitmire

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