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Submarine Service photos .. 1960's - 1980's
Images and narrative from John Whitmire

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This is a photo of some DIRSUP submarine folks during one of our
deployments - not sure of the year; probably late 1980.

Left to Right sitting: John Whitmire, Joe Cmerek and
Jim (can't remember his last name).

Standing: Roy (Evil Roy) White, Andy Clark, Bill Stringfellow
(smiling) and Scott Hendren.

Back row: "Rusty" Gooch and Skot Beazley (far back).

SuperSpook picnic

Burba Lake, Ft. Meade, MD.

Believe it was Fall 1982.
Left to right: Harry Stackler and Dwight Anderson.

Joe Cmerek and his "Big One" - fish that is! Joe
passed away several years ago - he was a shipmate
and very good friend. He always talked about getting
us all together when we retired and going on a
"Chicken Drive" from Texas to Kansas. We would
all have ridden Shetland ponies so we could keep the
chickens together. I believe Rusty Gooch was
supposed to drive the "Cluck Wagon". We'd all be
sitting on the mess decks or in Radio and start talking
about the "chicken drive" and the story got funnier
and funnier each time we talked.

Left to Right: Joe Cmerek and Harry Stackler.

Picnic at Burba Lake, Ft. Meade, MD
approximately Fall of 1982.

Left to right: Bob "Big Bulge" Jordan and
Harry Strackler

Left to Right: Unidentified person behind the box
and Skot Beazley holding the box.

Standing up Left to Right: Roy "Evil Roy" White
turning sideways to show off his high school figure
which he maintained through his Iron Man diet
(or so he told everyone) and Harry Stackler.
Picture taken about 1982 (not sure of exact date).

Scot Beazley - would you believe he's wearing
an Extra LARGE T-shirt!

John Whitmire gets frocked to CPO - that's
F-R-O-C-K-E-D - while underway on operations.
The khaki clad character Bob "Big Bulge" Jordan
and CDR Maurer (CO) perform the honors.

John Whitmire looking up to the Chart Room
from the storage area.

John Whitmire. Picture taken sometime in 1981
possibly USS Seawolf

This is a photo of the Special Projects team at an
award ceremony circa late 1981 or early 1982.

Left to right. Bob "Big Bulge" Jordan,
John Whitmire, Skot Beazley, Scott Hendren,
Frank Turban, Dwight Anderson.

Special Projects team underway circa 1982.

Left to right: Front - Brent Webb, John Garcia (he
was a loaner OIC and only made one run with us),
and Bob "Big Bulge" Jordan.
Rear - John Whitmire, "Laddie" Joe Cmerek,
Charlie "Gramps" Miller, Rich Tolbert,
Skot Beazley and Scott Hendren

This photo tells it all!

Skimmer sailors should always feel a little uneasy!

Stationed at Ft. Meade, Maryland. Picture taken at
CTICS Russ and Maria Krause's house on
Christmas Eve 24 December 1969.

Left to Right: John Whitmire (working with K25 as
a Signals Analyst), Dave "Jessie" James, and
Thomas C. Lee (both subriders with ACNSG).

Ft. Meade, Md. Special Projects. John Whitmire
at an award ceremony sometime in 1983.

John Whitmire on liberty in Hong Kong.

TGU Yokosuka personnel, John Whitmire,
Gene "Mad Dog Mudd the Maggott" Merritt, and
WO Burns rode the USS Rowan to Hong Kong for 6 days
of liberty. Of course there was a reason: we were
testing the installation of the first OICS VAN to be
deployed onboard a combatant. During transit from
Yokosuka to Hong Kong we stood watches and ironed
out some of the system's bugs. We, the TGU riders in
Yokosuka, later rode the USS Rowan, on two seperate
occasions, to the Sea of Japan for operations.

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