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Various DIRSUP photos from the early 1970's
Images from Jim Murphy (former CTO2)

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Left Photo:    The F4 launch - off the USS Independence (CVA-62), date unknown.

Right Photo:    This photo of the Indy was taken in February, 1972 off the Spanish city of Palma de Majorca.

Left Photo:    A closer shot (taken with a normal lense -- he was that close). Note the counter-rotating main
rotor blades and no tail rotor. I believe the landing gear is encased in flotation material for ditching.

Right Photo:    A photo of a Soviet KA-25 (Hormone) Helicopter performing close up recon on the USS
Independence also during Exercise Royal Knight. The US chopper is a SH-3 Sea King.

Left Photo:    Another photo from Royal Knight. It was taken in September 1971 in the Norwegian Sea.
The TU16 (Badger) overflights were relatively common. They came in pairs, and were always intercepted by
CAP (Combat Air Patrol) which in those days were F-4J Phantoms II.

Right Photo:    This photo was taken on the USS John F. Kennedy (CVA-67) in early to mid 1971.
For non-Navy-air types, landings on carriers are "traps".

Left Photo:    The AGI Nahodka is the Soviet "fishing trawler" following the USS Independence in the
North Sea during NATO Exercise Royal Knight, October, 1971.

Right Photo:    Unrep was underway replenishment from an unknown oiler (If we had enough oilers nowadays,
the USS Cole would not have needed to stop in Yemen.) Taken October 1971, North Sea.

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