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TUSLOG Det 12 Istanbul, Turkey .. 1958-1961
All Photos by Michael Golio, Jr. - unless otherwise noted.

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..  1958 Photo  ..

Istanbul - Det 12 station party.
Clyde "Sam" Bacon; Alfreda Bacon (holding glass
forward); Garrett "Gary" Raterink; Bob Dickie.
Photographer not known.

..  April 1959 Photos  ..

Istanbul - Taksim Square. Monument to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder and hero of modern Turkey. Istanbul - Taksim Park. A friendly, gentlemanly wave from this young Turkish gentleman!

Istanbul - Beyazit Square in the Old City section. Anadolu Kavagi - View of dirt road and Turkish
graveyard, as seen from the back of our vehicle
upon arrival at the Det. 12 operations site.

..  October 1959 Photos  ..

Istanbul -
Standing, rear: Det. 28 guys, names not known.
Middle: Dan Lippman; Howard "Ben" Allen;
Bill Cannon; Joe Gruber.
Front: Larry Hanley; Mike Ferrugio.
Istanbul -
Richard "Dale" Wilson.

Istanbul -
Harry "Ed" Bowman.
Istanbul -
John "Abe" Abraham and George Branchaud.

..  December 1959 Photo  ..

Istanbul - Christmas 1959
Welcome to the Golio home in
Taksim Kazanci Yokusu.

..  August 1960 Photos  ..

Istanbul -
Station party at Park Hotel.
Bill Stokely and Pete Basler
and their better halves.
Istanbul -
Station party at Park Hotel.
Wallace "Wally" and Ida Trout;
Bob and Angie Anderson.
On the table: Ash trays; beer cans; flowers;
drinking glasses; (?Istanbul city water tower?).

Istanbul -
Station party at Park Hotel.
Jennifer Bond; Bill Cannon; Ida Trout.
Bebek -
John and Muriel Scott; and son Scottie.

..  November 1960 Photos  ..

Emirgan - N.C.O. Club - Dancers.

Istanbul - Karavan Club - Dancer. Istanbul - Pavyon Blue - Dancers.

..  January 1961 Photos  ..

Istanbul - View toward the
Old City from Galata Bridge.
Istanbul - In the Old City:
The Hippodrome.
Istanbul - Street scene in the Old City.

..  March 1961 Photos  ..

Istanbul - Golden Horn.
View of ferryboat traffic from Galata Bridge.
Istanbul - On the Galata Bridge.
Michael Golio, Jr.
The Old City in the background.

Istanbul - Sunrise on Bosphorus.
Uskudar at left; Leandar's Tower at right.

..  July 1961 Photos  ..

Istanbul -
Sunset in the Prince's Islands.
Northern mouth of Bosphorus -
In a fishing boat and passing
close astern of a Turkish freighter.

Northern mouth of Bosphorus -
Anadolu Kavagi, viewed from fishing boat.
Joe Gruber facing camera. In far background,
13th-Century Genoese castle and
Det. 12 operations site at top of the hill.

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