Imperial Beach Basic Class ??-54(R) April 1954
Image from   Bill Puschak, CTRC, USN Ret.

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Imperial Beach (IB) Basic Class ??-54(R) April 1954 - Instructor CT1 O'Conner

Basic Class in Blues Started Class in Third week of January 1954

Oki Oconner Instructor for both Basic and Advanced

3rd Row Standing (L-R): Unknown, Lewis Shelly, Bill Puschak, Unknown, (Larry)Desantis, Bob Ross, Unknown

2nd Row Sitting (L-R): Jim Mulligan, Oki Oconner Instructor, Unknown, Chief Fisk, Norm (Skip) Auldrich, Bill Stankunas

Front Row (L-R): BV Dinkler(?), Barney Smith(?), Carl Trimble, Unknown