Imperial Beach CT School Adv. Class 14C-60(R) June 1960
Image/names from   Owen J. O'Rourke (former CTR2)

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Imperial Beach CT School Advanced Class 14C-60(R) June 1960 - Instructors CT1 Shellhart

2nd row L to R : McIntyre - Kami Seya, Japan; Owen J. O'Rourke - Kami Seya, Japan;
Gonzales - Bremerhaven, Germany; Ronald Gardiner - Goodfellow AFB, TX; Dennis Goodfellow AFB, TX;
Phernetton - Kami Seya, Japan; Sharp - Language School

1st row L to R : Shaffer - Camp Lejuene, NC; Rodrigues - Camp Lejuene, NC; Puggie - Camp Lejuene, NC;
Instr. Shellhart CT1; Reeder - Camp Lejuene, NC; Depiere - Camp Lejuene, NC; Smith - Camp Lejuene, NC

Kneeling : Conover PFC - Camp Lejuene, NC