Imperial Beach Adv. Class 1A-55(R) - Oct 1955
Image from   Neal P. Gillen (former CT2)

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Imperial Beach (IB) Advanced Class 1A-55(R) Oct 1955 - Instructor CTC Robert W. Jones

Top row: (left to right) Joseph T. McGuane (MA), M. E. Sloane (VA), R.C. Daneker (MI), L.B. “Red” Waters (OK),
J.S. Smith (WY), H. A. Ripple (TX), J. H. Fitzgerald (NY), D.R. Fulton (NY), and Chuck Baum (UT).

Middle row: Brian “Rip” Desmond (CT), Gerry Beaulieu (ME), Ric “Duke” Lucas (NY), Edward P. White (CA),
David "Dink" Clark (WI), Donnie W. Uppman (MN), Francis C. Bowersock (OH), and Neal P. Gillen (NY).

Front row: Chief M. F. Wooten, Kenneth A. Morgan (AZ), Charlie Allen (CT), Harold “Doc” Averell (ME),
Billy Peter Potter (NC), and Chief Robert W. Jones