Imperial Beach Basic Class 3A-56(R) - Sep 1955
Image from   James Butler (former CTR2)

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Can you help identify any of the unknown personnel in this IB Class photo?
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Imperial Beach (IB) Basic Class 3A-56(R) Sep 1955 - Instructor: CTC Linville

3rd Row :    Micky Shaw, Jim Swanhart, Ruge, Jack Horan, Ely, Randy L. Parsons, William B. (Red) Sylvester,
Smith D.B., Whan, Earl W. Blackstone

2nd Row :    Edward Kent, Ray Judd, Bill Allen, Ray Parris, Martin, Dean, Richard F. Honegoski, Carl Caukins,
Wells, Jim Butler

1st Row :    Don Roberts, Herb Harris, CTC Linville, Polozzie, Joe T. Louzonis

(Dropped- Ely, Martin, Lloyd Wells)

Previous Identifications are:
Personnel in no order of appearance.

Chief Linville, Earl W. Blackstone, William B. Sylvester, Lloyd Wells, Randy L. Parsons, Jim Swanhalf,
Bill Allen, Edward Kent, Alex Whorn (?) Richard F. Honeygosky, Joe T. Louzonis, Don Roberts,
Gary Harris, Jack Horan, Jim Butler.

Center row 3rd from right is Carl Caulkins.