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Former   NSGA Homestead, Florida
These photos were taken on June 1, 2002
Images from   Adam Perez (ex-USAF Reservist)

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Photo of main gate on the outer
perimeter fence on Card Sound Rd.
Photo of the road leading into
Site Alpha from Card Sound Rd.
Guard shack photo
facing toward Card Sound RD.

Guard shack photos

Inner perimeter fence - Site Alpha. Photo of the road leading back
toward guard shack.
Photo from guard shack area
looking North toward main building.

Photo of one of the antenna mounts that
comprise the array - notice coax still in
the ground.
"Elephant cage" area Site Alpha Another photo of the "Elephant cage"
area Site Alpha

Photos of the   Operations Building   (less the CDAA).

Halon Gas fire suppression system for
main building housed in this structure.
Basketball Hoop mounted outside of
main building. The net is still intact,
ready to shoot some hoops!

Photo of 1st floor inside main building,
showing an empty circuit breaker bank
This logo was still mounted to the wall
inside a room on the second floor.
Another photo of the 1st floor.

Fishing dock that is part of small pond
located on Site Alpha. We found that it
had a fair amount of peacock bass in
Bank of the fishing pond on Site Alpha

The "Last Chance saloon" in Florida City

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