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NSGA Homestead, Florida .. 1970
Images and narrative from    Ken Halliwell (former CTM1)

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Homestead Site A  CDAA - Mar 1970
A service road view of the CDAA growing out of the swamp.
Homestead Site A  CDAA aerial view - Dec 1970

Homestead Site A  CDAA aerial views - Dec 1970

Homestead Site B - Mar 1970

A view from the front of the Site B transmitter building, looking toward Card Sound Road.
I was on the transmitter operation and maintance crew for my first 6 months at Homestead.

Homestead Site B  LPA - Mar 1970

The Log Periodic Array at Site B used for transmitting encrypted,
frequency multiplexed data from Homestead Site A operations to
Northwest. This array was fed by an AN/FRT 39 transmitter.

Homestead Site B  LPA (head-end) - Mar 1970 Homestead Site B  LPA (tail-end) - Mar 1970

A close-up view of one leg of the LPA base.

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