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NSGA Hakata, Japan .. circa 1968-1970
Images from    Bob Biancur (former CTR3)

Trip to see the famous hot springs of
Beppu, Japan while stationed at Hakata.
L-R: Angelo Minichello, aka miniwop,
Jim Denham, .Thomas, .Casey, ?

Hakata main gate

A distant shot of the base.

Bob Biancur

My old coffee mug with
short-timers ribbon attached.

Dick Frank CTR3

Bernie Doermann, Mike Bailey,
Bob Polsgrove, ?, ?

Don Coberley

Bob Biancur aboard a Greek
merchant ship in Fukuoka.

Gary Johnson CTA3

Joe Taylor and Bob Polsgrove

Infamous carbon paper ritual
of myself after last watch.

Michiko, a stunningly attractive
student at Fukuoka University

Motorcycle ride along the beach,
not too far from the base.

Rancher from Montana,
forgot his name.

CTR3 Casey

Mitue, another acquaintance.

Joe Laconic (US Army).

Who could forget the "benjo"?

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