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NCTS Finegayan, Guam - 2008
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Panoramic view #1 -- (full 180 degrees) -- from
Chow Hall (far left) - to - Bldg 206 Navy Exchange (far right)
photo taken Sept 2008. Bldg 206 used to be the Duva Den Club.

Aerial view for reference purposes only.

Panoramic view #2 -- (full 180 degrees) -- from
Baseball Field (left) - toward - the water tower (right)
photo taken Sept 2008.

Bldg 206 (Used to be Duva Den) - Sept 2008

Looking South toward Chow Hall - Sept 2008

Brief description of what is left of the base:

A lot of the base is run-down today, a lot of abandoned buildings. And the command has been severely
downsized. There are about 24 active duty personnel. There are only 3 rates here, IT (RM), YN and ET.
The galley, club, chapel, library, bowling alley, and a large portion of the housing on base has been closed
or torn down. The large antenna array in the back (we call it the elephant cage) is abandoned (except for the
wild pigs) and bldg 112 now has a large fence with turnstiles and barbed wire surrounding it.

NCTS Guam website

What is left of the CDAA and Ops Bldg - March 2008

Ft. Tweed - March 2008

NCTS Bldg 112 and surrounding area - March 2008

SATCOM - March 2008

Location where Outdoor Movie Theater was - Sept 2008

Chow Hall - Sept 2008

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