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NCS Guam (circa 1956-1957)
Images from   Ronald Haun (former RM2)

Please scrolldown. Click-on the photos to enlarge.


Checking out the tunes at the EM club

Entertainment at the club

Naval station swimming beach
at southern end of the island

Hardwick and Forester

NCS picnic

Norby Forester III

Bob Young

Ed Young

After inspection (Ron Haun in front)

Ron Haun logging in at CCL station

Ron Haun telling Hono to frequency
change for sideband

Boys having a few cool ones at the club

Entertainment at the EM club

Ron Haun off watch in barracks

Ron Haun on
Needle Eye Mountain

Base Capt. and Exec in EM club

Ed Linson in cave at Needle Eye Mountain

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