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NCTS Guam .. March 2006
Images from    Art Merat

Please scrolldown. Click-on each photo to enlarge.

The CDAA is still standing, but looks pretty ragged. Building is completely vacant. Wiz building has
been used by the Marines for "practice" and it looks it...doors bashed in. Radome ringwalls on the
cliff are still there, but there is vegetation growing in each of them...kind of looks like a big potted
plant. The Wiz UPS building has been torn down. A lot of the housing along the "main drag" has been
torn down...they're tearing down some of the old BEQs, others have been repainted. The bowling alley
was leveled this past week.

The old NCS then NAVCAMS then NCTAMS is presently still called NCTS - a subordinate to
NCTAMS WestPac (Hawaii). The NCTS CO is a Lcdr, XO is Lt. and the SEL (Senior Enlisted Leader)
is an ITCS.

Taken from old Wiz Radome area
Wiz bldg in foreground
Marlock in background

Marlock from road in front of rifle range

Wiz taken from Marlock catwalk

Rifle/Pistol range taken from catwalk

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